Top Ten Coasters

Now that I’ve completed my extreme trek through the midwest and vicinity, it’s time to update all of the top ten lists, starting with my personal favorite: the coasters! Note that these are all my opinions and you might disagree, and that’s fine. Just don’t expect me to be forced to agree with you. That’s dumb. Opinions are opinions, and I can assure you that even if you don’t necessarily agree, that every coaster on this list is at the very least incredibly fun and you will most likely enjoy all of the coasters on this list. So let’s go ahead and get started. These are the top ten coasters I’ve been on.


#10: Switchback @ ZDT’s Amusement Park in Seguin, TX


Chances are, most people haven’t heard of this coaster. Heck, even a lot of enthusiasts haven’t heard of this coaster. And that makes sense. It’s in the middle of nowhere. However, there are plenty of reasons to go to ZDT’s. First off, the park is really fun and while it’s lacking in numbers, almost every ride they have here rocks. The flats are meh and Mad Raft is decent at best, but the other water rides they have here rock, plus they have two arcades! So yeah, ZDT’s is awesome. But what’s so special about Switchback? Well, first off, there’s the fact that it’s the only wooden shuttle coaster out there! That’s a nice bonus, but about the least interesting thing about Switchback. They really made use of the available space here. This thing is crammed into the park, and boy oh boy does it rock. It has ejector airtime and really keeps its speed throughout the course (at least going forwards). Everything about this coaster is awesome. The Timberliner trains are very comfortable, the overbank is forceful, and the ride’s pacing is flawless until the spike, where it starts to slow down a little bit, but even then it’s still very fun and intense. It’s no wonder this little coaster is one of the best coasters out there. Go out to Middleofnowhere, Texas to try it for yourself today!

#9: Raptor @ Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH


Unlike Switchback, everybody has heard of Raptor and everyone has heard of Cedar Point. However, that doesn’t stop Raptor from being awesome! Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a big fan of inverts in general. Batman clones are fun but headache machines and Banshee is incredibly overrated. So naturally I wasn’t really looking forward to Raptor, especially when I had a headache already walking into the queue. However, unlike the Batman clones and Banshee, Raptor knows how to balance out its forces and not give me a headache. Seriously, this thing rocks. The inversions are hilariously forceful and the ride is incredibly comfortable and smooth. The pacing is flawless and backs off when you need it to. Thank you B&M for creating such an awesome ride. This is definitely the best invert I’ve been on and one of the best B&Ms out there.

#8: ShockWave @ Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, TX


If you’re at Six Flags Over Texas, chances are you’re more focused on rides like New Texas Giant and Titan, and might even consider this gem skippable. This is how I saw ShockWave during my first visit to SFOT. My first ride was somewhere near the front and was fun, but not the best thing ever. I didn’t go back and instead went to go ride New Texas Giant some more times. However, on my second visit to SFOT, I went to ShockWave and wanted to try out the back row. Wow. Gotta love that classic intensity. The loops are incredibly forceful. The drops give some of the best old school sustained airtime you’ll find on any steel coaster ever and the laterals are amazing. All of this, and it’s one of the smoothest coasters ever made yet was built in 1978. Why can’t all old steel coasters be this smooth?

#7: Diamondback @ Kings Island in Mason, OH


Kings Island is definitely one of the best Cedar Fair parks, and Diamondback is without a doubt their star attraction. It towers over the park and is almost as visible as their Eiffel Tower. Some people may call Diamondback and the other B&M hypers forceless, and sure it’s nowhere near as intense as many other coasters out there and even on this list, but Diamondback is very fun. The floater air is everywhere and the valleys are incredibly forceful. The clamshell restraints are the most comfortable in the industry and just about everything about this ride is very fun. It’s a ride you can be in any mood and any physical condition and get on and still have a great time. It’s one of the most fun rides out there and definitely the best coaster at Kings Island.

#6: The Voyage @ Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN

19-last ride of the day (after it broke down again)

The Voyage is one of those coasters that everyone talks about and is constantly ranked as one of the best wooden coasters in the world, and it definitely deserves that title. Everything it does is incredibly awesome. From the massive first drop to the insane amounts of airtime to the incredibly intense pacing, this ride has anything that anyone could want. It’s big, fast, fun, and intense. The PTC trains are nice and cushiony and definitely allow you to feel the insane amounts of floater air and especially the ejector air. The Voyage is so insanely awesome that everyone loves it. Holiday World is one of the best parks out there and The Voyage is certainly their star attraction. It’s definitely worth the trip to Santa Claus by itself.

#5. Iron Rattler @ Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio, TX


Since SFFT is my home park I’ve had the chance to ride Iron Rattler a ton of times, and it’s definitely one of the best coasters ever. It has an incredible pace, very strong airtime, fun overbanks, and an awesome inversion. The first drop is incredible and one of the best out there, and don’t even get me started on the terrain interaction. Wow. This thing has some of the best terrain interaction of any coaster ever. It has giant drops off the quarry wall and some incredibly fun bits on top of the quarry as well. The final drop off the cliff is one of the best moments of sustained ejector air ever, and there’s even a tunnel at the end. Get to SFFT and ride it. You won’t regret it. And while you’re in the area, don’t forget to go up to Seguin and ride Switchback as well.

#4: Maverick @ Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH


If you’re paying attention, this is the second coaster from Cedar Point on this list. And yeah. Cedar Point is awesome and anyone who likes coasters needs to get there at least once in their life. Now onto Maverick. This ride is crazy. On the outside, it doesn’t look it. It’s not tall at all. Despite that, this is by far the most intense coaster I’ve ridden, and one of the most popular rides at Cedar Point. It does everything you could want, except maybe a big drop. But Maverick doesn’t need a big drop. Its first drop is still amazing and beyond vertical. The transitions are ridiculously forceful. The entire coaster stays low to the ground the whole ride and it really keeps its speed, sort of like the first half of Switchback but even better. It has two fantastic inversions, two insane airtime hills, and a crazy launch mid-ride that really sets the pace for the second half of the ride, which doesn’t let up. Everything in the second half is like the first half times two. It’s that insane. Now, Maverick isn’t necessarily the #4 coaster on this list. Everything from here up is pretty much tied. However, if someone put a gun to my head and told me to list my top ten coasters in order, this is the order I would give. Either way, Maverick is amazing and one of the best coasters in the world.

#3: Outlaw Run @ Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO


Located at my all-time favorite amusement park, Outlaw Run delivers a fantastic ride. Everything about this ride looks like it shouldn’t be possible or like it wouldn’t feel natural, but when riding it, everything feels natural, and everything feels great! This ride has some of the best airtime ever, and some of it is sideways. Its pacing is amazing and it feels like it’s going too fast (which is totally a good thing). Despite being short, it feels so complete. It’s easily the smoothest wooden coaster I’ve been on, and it rocks. Get to Silver Dollar City and ride Outlaw Run. It’s amazing and the park is equally amazing.

#2: New Texas Giant @ Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, TX


Like Cedar Point, Six Flags Over Texas is awesome enough to have more than one coaster on this list, and oh man is New Texas Giant a good one. This ride is awesome and probably my favorite RMC. The ride has incredible airtime throughout and keeps a dynamic range of forces so you don’t get bored. The overbanks are incredibly fun as well as the numerous airtime hills and turns. It also has a little bit of theming in the ride such as disco tunnels, a sign above the lift hill’s crest, and an oil derrick in the middle of the land the ride’s built on. It’s far from the best theming but for a Six Flags coaster it’s amazing. This ride goes on forever and manages to not lose its original pace. The funky banked airtime hills are as awesome as they look and the airtime in the tunnels is fantastic. This coaster is by far my favorite coaster in Texas and one of the best in the world.

#1: Millennium Force @ Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH


Millennium Force is one of the most famous coasters in the world. It’s often featured on Travel Channel and is constantly rated the #1 coaster of all time by the Golden Ticket Awards. While it is a little bit overhyped in some aspects, pretty much any coaster with this amount of hype would be overhyped. However, being overhyped does not make it a bad ride at all. Millennium Force is awesome. It has a fantastic first drop that goes on forever, and the speed you get from the first drops seems to stay with you the whole ride. It goes incredibly fast. Not just normal fast, we’re talking insane fast. It never lets up. The view from the lift hill is amazing and the airtime hills actually do deliver airtime. Just about everything this coaster does is awesome and incredibly fun. Riding it in or right after the rain, in incredibly hot weather, or at night turns an amazing ride into the best thing ever made (at least that I’ve ridden). Seriously, it’s awesome. The vibe surrounding the ride is also great and the station music is great for pumping people out. Cedar Point’s crown jewel really is an awesome ride. Go out and ride it today. Even if you’re an intensity junky and find it overrated, you’ll still have fun. It rocks.

..and it’s a wrap! These are my top ten coasters! Ten outstanding rides that are totally worth riding! There’s not a single bad ride on this list. Now you might disagree and that’s totally fine. I respect your opinion and you should respect mine.