Top 5 Worst Coasters

This list isn’t really a top 5. It’s more of a bottom 5. You guessed it, it’s the 5 worst coasters I’ve ridden. And they suck. While it’s my opinion and you’re free to disagree all you want, it won’t change my mind.

#5: Boomerangs @ Various Parks


Note that this does not include Invertigos as I found Invertigo @ Kings Island to be a much better experience than the standard Boomerang. Also note that I have not ridden a Boomerang with the new restraints and that could possible affect this. Anyway. Onto Boomerangs. These things are everywhere. They’re like weeds. Nobody likes them but they still manage to pop up everywhere. They have very uncomfortable restraints, a boring layout, and tend to not be very smooth. The hard restraints hit your head multiple times, and the ride is just generally uncomfortable. Some people don’t hate Boomerangs as much as others, but they’re still one of the worst coasters to ever be cloned and one of the worse ones out there.

#4: Corkscrew @ Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH


Corkscrew is a very iconic coaster but is definitely not known for being a good ride. I don’t know anyone who actually enjoys riding Corkscrew. And yeah, it sucks. The first drop is puny and comical to even look at, the airtime hill is weird and jarring, the loop is uncomfortable, and the corkscrews are just awkward. This ride pretty much feels like a really bad mine train with OTSRs and inversions. It’s just as badly engineered and just as rough, but with the added headbanging is even worse. It’s pretty and it’s iconic, but it sucks. Skip it if you don’t care about credits.

#3: Tennessee Tornado @ Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN


Unlike Corkscrew, Tennessee Tornado is actually very well received by most people. It’s big, fast, and intense. However, it’s also overrated and is honestly one of the worst coasters I’ve ridden. The restraints are incredibly uncomfortable and sit awkwardly on your shoulders, pressing in way too hard. The seats are hard and not comfortable. The first loop tries to kill your neck as despite being smooth in terms of track interaction, the transitions are still really bad and taken at a speed that’s way too fast. All of the inversions are painful and induce headbanging. Luckily, it’s a mercifully short ride so you don’t have to suffer through too much of it. But it still sucks and is the worst Arrow looper, despite common claims of it being the best. Seriously. It’s even worse than Corkscrew.

#2: Titan @ Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, TX


If you know me at all, this shouldn’t be a surprise in the slightest. Now, I am probably Titan’s biggest hater so most people will disagree with me here. It’s just a big borefest and I’ve come off with a headache most of the times I’ve ridden it. It’s not that interesting or fun at all. In full headache mode this is the worst coaster I’ve ridden but it only goes full headache mode in the front and middle of the train. In the back it’s OK.

#1: Firehawk @ Kings Island in Mason, OH


Like Tennessee Tornado, many people enjoy Firehawk and find it to be not that bad, and some people even consider it better than the B&M flyers. Well I can’t compare as I still have yet to ride a B&M flyer, but this thing sucks. The restraints make no sense, the ride is rough, the transitions are awkward, the layout is clunky and uncomfortable, and the whole ride leaves you wondering who the heck thought that any of that was a good idea. The ride is just weird and not fun. It’s unique, I’ll give it that, but that’s just about all it has going for it. It sucks and is the worst coaster I’ve ridden so far.