Top 5 Amusement Parks

Amusement parks come in all shapes and sizes, but some really stand above the rest. In this list I’m giving my top 5 parks and why I like them so much.

#5: Kings Island in Mason, OH


Kings Island is one of bigger parks, even within the Cedar Fair chain. It’s a very large and expansive park with a ton of very fun rides, including Diamondback and The Beast. While many enthusiasts aren’t a fan of big corporate parks, it’s hard to not appreciate Kings Island’s landscaping and general look. It’s a very nice park and definitely one of the better ones out there. It doesn’t really have any one stand-out feature but is just a very well-rounded park with its rides and landscaping, and it’s just generally a very fun place to spend your day.

#4: Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, TX


Most enthusiasts aren’t a fan of Six Flags Over Texas and have either hit it on a bad day or just generally not liked it much. That’s really sad and I wish that everyone who didn’t enjoy SFOT can go back there on a better day and have a better time at the park, because it’s really awesome. I found it to be very awesome and fun every time I went. The landscaping, theming, and overall shade feel very nice especially for a Six Flags park, and it’s comparable to Kings Island in many ways. The one thing that sets SFOT apart from Kings Island and many parks is its fantastic coaster lineup. This place is absolutely packed with great coasters. Almost every section of the park has a good coaster. And not just good coasters, some of these are amazing! New Texas Giant, ShockWave, and Mr Freeze Reverse Blast are all fantastic. Runaway Mountain, Batman: The Ride, and Judge Roy Scream make great supporting rides and while I hate it, some people are a  fan of Titan. There’s also quite a few other coasters that are unique such as Runaway Mine Train and La Vibora. Overall Six Flags Over Texas is really just one of the better parks out there with above average operations, great attention to detail, and a fantastic ride collection. Of all the Six Flags parks I’ve been to, this one feels the least corporate.

#3: Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN


Holiday World is a very awesome park. It’s a nice break from all the big corporate parks while still maintaining an awesome ride collection. If you’ve been around the site a little bit, you’ve seen that the park has two top ten waterslides and a top ten roller coaster. Thunderbird, Raven, and Legend are also all great and there’s plenty to do for everyone. But that’s all typical stuff. Heck, ZDT’s has two top ten waterslides and a top ten roller coaster (and yes, ZDT’s is amazing and barely missed out on this list), but what really sets this park apart is how much you get for the money. The waterpark, admission, way-above-average food, and of course the park itself with its great theming, landscaping, and just general fun. Do yourself a favor and go check out Holiday World. You won’t regret it.



Everyone has heard of Cedar Point. It’s an iconic park and featured on Travel Channel every time the word “park” is brought up. And yeah, it’s an awesome place. You could spend a week here and probably not get bored. Now, the park has its downsides like their loose article policies and the food, but the loose article policies are in the name of efficiency and let’s be honest, nobody goes to Cedar Point for the food. This park’s ride collection is outstanding. They have something for literally everyone. From insane record-smashing coasters to flat rides to having a beach alongside the park. The setting is great and really adds to the experience. From the two days I spent there, I got three top ten coasters and many that were close and still fantastic. It’s really an experience to immerse yourself in. Anyone who’s into coasters needs to go to Cedar Point sometime in their life.

#1: Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO


If you know me this won’t surprise you. Silver Dollar City is seriously one of the best parks ever and it’s going to be nigh impossible to top. Everything here is good. The coaster lineup is the most solid of any park I’ve been to, the food is better than most expensive diners, the setting is gorgeous, the landscaping is flawless, the theming is spot-on, and I could ramble on and on about how amazing Silver Dollar City is. It’s fantastic. This might just be the perfect park. It’s amazing. Words don’t do it justice.