Six Flags Over Texas Trip 2016

SFOT is one of the parks I try to get to at least once every year, and I didn’t fail this time. It’s home of some really great coasters, flats, and even a super cool dark ride. It still is a 4 hour drive but is a ton of fun and worth it any time. There were a few changes that took place in top lists and such.

Monday was awesome. The lines in the morning were awful but mostly due to one train ops. At night, however, everything totally changed. It was like Kings Island or Cedar Point at night. Mr Freeze and New Texas Giant are both fantastic night rides, and I finally hit my #70 coaster (Pandemonium, which we had skipped on both prior visits).

Riddler is definitely my new favorite flat, beating Superman: Tower of Power which is also at SFOT. Titan kicked up a spot since it was significantly less headache-inducing this time around, which means that Firehawk is now the worst coaster I’ve ridden. Always feels nice to get to move a coaster up some spots. Runaway Mountain is also a gem and one of the better coasters in the park. VR on Shock Wave sucks. Get rid of VR, Six Flags, or at least do it like Cedar Fair and be smart about it. Waiting in a ridiculously slow line for ShockWave isn’t fun and the VR isn’t an improvement (although I could see it being an improvement on some rides). So yeah, look forward to the new top lists!


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